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Monday 2nd February 2015

Just a quick reminder that I’m doing a live Q&A on facebook all day tomorrow (courtesy of ‘THE Book Club’). Please message Tracy Fenton or Askthe Author on Facebook to join in. And to celebrate my books have been reduced on kindle to just 99p until the end of the week. x

Friday 30th January 2015

Great news, bargain hunters! My books are just 99p and £1.09 on kindle/digital for a week! Please immediately inform anyone who doesn’t already have them that this is a not-to-be-missed killer-kindle steal! Thank you!

Plus did you see Helen Macdonald win the Costa this week? Big congratulations to her. Her book, ‘H is for Hawk’, sounds intriguing, but I’ve got to be honest… the cover’s awful. So off-putting. If I hadn’t heard about the book through Costa I would never have picked it up. Feel like I should though now. Unanimous winner, apparently. Just goes to show – you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover (but the truth is we all do!).
Thursday 29th January 2015
They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the cover for Helen Macdonald’s ‘H is for Hawk’ (Costa winner) is so off-putting. I’d never have picked it up. Feel like I should though now. Unanimous winner, apparently, and if it flat out beat ‘Elizabeth Is Missing’…!
Monday 26th January 2015
Hi all. This is just a quickie to let you know that I will be online for a live Q&A next week, on Tuesday February 3rd. Please come and join me for a chat!
The online session is courtesy of an amazing Facegroup community of book lovers that I’ve joined called ‘THE Book Club’ (the capital letters are very important). The workings of Facebook are still slightly mysterious to me, but this is a ‘secret’ book club that you have to be invited to join, which sounds intimidating but trust me, it isn’t! The only criteria you need to be a member is to love books! As well as swapping book recommendations there are loads of competitions to win novels, plus weekly live sessions with leading authors. They’ve got loads of great writers coming up, from David Nichols to Mark Billingham and many, many others.
Anyway, if you’d like to join please search Facebook for the administrator (‘Ask The Author’) and she will sign you up. If you can’t find Ask The Author, look for me and I will put you in touch. Here’s a link to my profile… eleanorprescottauthor

Tuesday 20th January 2015
Can I ask you a question…? How important is it to you that a rom-com has a happy ending? I’m working on the ending to my latest story and although I can end it happily, I’m not sure that getting the man is always the answer. I’m not a fan of sad endings – I got cross with Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (Corelli should have tried harder) and twelve years on and I’m still not sure about the car crash in Cold Feet… but is an ending where the heroine finds happiness in herself enough? Didn’t Maya Angelou once say that we can only give love once we’ve learnt to love ourselves, and isn’t there something inherently backwards about a happy ending meaning the girl bags her a man? Or maybe I’m just being January-grumpy (my diet is killing me!).
Anyway, I’d love to know your thoughts… As a reader would you feel cheated without a happy ending? Please do get in touch… eleanor@eleanorprescott.com or on facebook eleanorprescottauthor to let me know. Thank you!

Friday 16th January 2015
Hello – and I hope 2015 is being good to you so far! My 2015 is going fine. No snow yet (sadly) and the new year diet is so-so, but I’m full of new ideas for the book I’m (still!) trying to finish writing, and I’m curling up every night with Liane Moriarty’s ‘The Husband’s Secret’ (addictive). Also, I’m really excited as I’ll be running my first Creative Writing course from early February. Once a week I’ll be sharing writing tips and the tricks I’ve learnt along the way (the hard way!) to a group of 8 keen new writers in Kent. I’m very excited! I love talking about the processs of writing and as much as I hope to inspire these new writers I KNOW they’ll inspire me too. The first course is only short – 7 weeks – but if all goes well I’ll run another course after Easter. Hooray!
Friday 19th December 2014
Just before Christmas draws me into its tinselly grasp I just wanted to jump online to say ‘thank you’ to you all for your support this year. I’m always amazed by how warm and lovely the book reading community is, and I’m truly grateful for all the messages of support I’ve received over the last couple of years since my first book came out. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas (with lots of books in your stockings!) and a very happy and prosperous new year. And if you need something funny to read over Christmas, can I suggest a late contender for my ‘favourite books of the year’…?… THE ROSIE PROJECT by Graeme Simsion. Every time I open it I laugh – and what could be better than that at this time of year?
Thank you, Happy Christmas, and see you all again in the new year!
Eleanor x

Tuesday 16th December 2014Are you on Facebook? If so, can I be cheeky and recommend a group..?
I’ve recently discovered ‘THE Book Club’ – a secret Facebook group of the most enthusiastic book readers on the planet. It’s full of fantastic book recommendations and general natter about favourite reads. But the thing that makes THE Book Club extra special is that it also hosts regular Q&A sessions with leading authors. Imagine… personal replies from your favourite author on that bit of their book you’ve always wondered about! THE Book Club has got loads of great authors coming up… Julie Burchill, Mark Billingham, David Nicholls… and me! My live chat session will be on Tuesday Feb 3rd – I can’t wait!
If you want to join THE Book Club please contact me on Facebook and I can add you as a member – or you can message the truly awesome Tracy Fenton who set THE Book Club up. Oh, and whilst you’re on Facebook please can you ‘like’ my site? (Find me at Eleanor Prescott Author). Thank you – and enjoy! x

Friday 28th November 2014
Number 5 from my favourite books of the year… Bear with me on this one – it’s a bit of a surprise!
Yes, you did just read that right!
When someone suggested ‘Nothing To Envy’ at our book club I’ve got to admit I rolled my eyes. A non-fiction about North Korea? Surely there was some paint somewhere I’d prefer to watch dry. Reading this book would be boring and pointless. I already knew about North Korea! But frankly, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I loved this book so much that I’ve lost count of how many copies I’ve bought as gifts. Yes, we all know that North Korea has a weird, despotic regime. Yes, it exists in an Orwellian world of state news, enforced haircuts and it’s people suffered a terrible famine. But can you really imagine what it’s like to be North Korean? Based on the real-life testimonies of North Korean’s this book literally made me cry. Read it. I promise, it’s great!

Friday 21st November 2014
Book number 4 from my 2014 favourites…
A lovely, warm easy read – I was hooked! Jo Jo’s skill is in moving you without being mawkish. Yes, Ed the hero was great, but I lost my heart to Nicky, the bullied, make-up-wearing son. One of those books you can’t wait to go to bed for!

Friday 7th November 2014
Next up in my favourite reads of 2014 is…
Yes, you can pick holes in this book if you want to (and the critics probably did) but I am just so happy to have Bridget back! This time around she’s 51, a single mum and struggling to master twitter, nits and the best pruning arrangements for pubes! Frankly, Bridget could open a paper bag and I’d love it. Funny, flawed, human… she’s still the character in modern books I’d most like to get drunk with. Viva Bridget!

Friday 31st October 2014
2014 is –sort of – drawing to a close so I thought I’d get in early with a list of my favourite reads of the year. I’m not saying my opinions count for anything, but I always love to read friends’ recommendations, so I’m hoping that you might enjoy these books too. I’m going to post one 2014 highlight each Friday for the next few weeks. These books weren’t necessarily published this year, it’s just that 2014 was when I finally got around to reading them. So heads down, I hope you enjoy them, and here goes…!
I love Lionel Shriver! She makes me feel sharper just by reading her. ‘Big Brother’ really challenges how we think about obesity, the prejudices we don’t realise we have, and our own complicated relationship with weight. It’s also a bloody good yarn! There’s a literal banquet of goodies to feast on, with the added seasoning of autobiographical hints. I couldn’t work out how ‘Big Brother’ would end. A brilliant book club read. A brilliant read full stop!

Monday 27th October 2014
I’m desperately seeking… a new autumn TV addiction. I’ve got a televisual urge that needs scratching. HOMELAND’s great but only an hour a week. I’ve cold turkeyed RAY DONNOVAN, GRANTCHESTER just doesn’t flow through my veins, and my STRICTLY habit’s begun to wear off. What I need is a gritty, compulsive across-the-week drama please, Beebsters! Or how about THE BRIDGE series 3 in one dose…?
Monday 20th October 2014
I’ve just realised that I’ve taken a year longer than I intended to write my new manuscript. ‘Ooops’ doesn’t begin to cover it. I had hoped to finish draft 1 of ‘Honey & Lemon’ by Christmas last year – now I’m firing on all cylinders to finish it be Christmas this year! Oh, to be able to knock ‘em out Cartland-style!
Wednesday 15th October 2014
Uh, oh! It’s book club tonight and I just can’t get to grips with our book. Sorry, Nobel Prize for Literature fans, but it’s Alice Munro’s ‘Dear Life’. I’m sure it’s quality is next to none, and sorry if I look rude/ignorant/dumb – but I’m itching to bypass into my ‘to read’ pile. Next up, Donna Tartt…
Thursday 2nd October 2014
In typical fashion (namely six weeks behind the rest of the country) I finally got to the cinema to see ‘Pride’ last night. I don’t often see films that don’t involve tundra-dwelling princesses or the obedience training of dragons, so a grown-up movie like Pride was a welcome revelation. Me and the husband even sneaked a few beers into the back row! And guess what? I loved Pride! It’s a brilliant British rom-com, except the ‘rom’ bit is between gays and miners, and its about unlikely friendships not love. A ‘brom-com’ maybe – except for the Welsh ladies and the lesbian. Whatever, it reminded me how, when we do it right, us Brits don’t half make some cracking movies! My best bit…? When the ‘small-minded’ ladies from the Valleys went to the gay club (and then retired back to the flat to stroke Laura Ashley wallpaper). Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!
Tuesday 23rd September 2014
I went to see Tim Glencross talk about his political satire ‘Barbarians’ last night. I’ve not read ‘Barbarians’ yet (it’s top of my ‘to read’ pile), but I’m not one to let the trivial matter of actually having read the book stop me from going to an author talk. I’ve probably been to as many talks by authors whose books I’ve not read as authors whose books that I have – and I always enjoy myself anyway. I love hearing about the process of writing – how writers get out of bed and find their motivation each morning. Writing is done so privately and personally it’s almost as if the process is as individual to each of us as our fingertips or make-up. As the evening progresses lots of people put their hands up to ask serious questions about character development or why the writer wrote in which tense, but what I really want to know is how they tackle the burning issues that I struggle with too…. Is their creative inspiration directly proportional to their consumption of biscuits? Do they write better with tea or with wine? How do they avoid the 9.30 Jeremy Kyle trap? And do they too spend 6½ days a week lurking in the kind of comfy tracksuits that normal adults have too much pride ever to be seen dead in? Important stuff, I think you’ll agree…
Thursday 11th September
Off to see Emma Healey talk about her fantastic book, ‘Elizabeth Is Missing’, tonight. Can’t wait!
Wednesday 10th September 2014
Is it just me, or does that September ‘back to school’ feeling never leave you, no matter how long it was since you actually went back to school? I think it’s something to do with me being relieved that summer’s finally over. I’m not a natural Summer Person. I don’t like being hot (even British hot!) and I like to wear clothes. Lots of them. But this stretch now – September to Christmas – is the bit of the year I like best. It’s when I’m most productive. And boy, do I need to be productive. Thanks to the school holidays my total summer word count on the new novel was 173 (of which I’ll probably casually chop off 73 today). Thank god autumn’s here – and as I step back into my 70 denier tights my word count is set to soar!
But in better summer news… over the last couple of months I’ve had books published in Brazil and Germany! ALICE BROWN’S LESSONS is now out in sunny Brazil. I don’t have a picture of its cover yet but will post one asap. But big thanks to Renata at Punchcomunicacao for PR’ing it, and to the fantastic girls at Resenhandodepijamas.com and Belle at Devoradoradelivros.com for supporting it too! And over in Germany COULD IT BE has just been published by the lovely people at Goldmann. Here’s the cover… Lovely, don’t you think?
PS – Not sure WHAT I made of the ending of True Blood!

Monday, 8th September 2014 (True Blood Black Monday)
Am I the only one anxiously awaiting this evening with a mixture of excitement and dread…? (or perhaps, more appropriately, a throbbing jugular and heaving bosom?). You see, at 9pm tonight Fox will screen the very last episode of ‘True Blood’. True Blood, in case you haven’t seen it, is the super-camp, scrumptiously-shot and – at times – achingly romantic vampire series based on the Charlaine Harris novels. I must admit, I’ve never actually read any of Charlaine’s novels (I saw the TV show first, and fell so head-over-heels in love with it I couldn’t pick up the books in case they weren’t as stonkingly, heart-tuggingly great). And boy is True Blood great… all 6 years, 7 seasons and 80 hour-long episodes of it! Quirky, sexy, potty-mouthed and so very, very funny, it has been nothing short of epic! Yes it’s got blood, gore and questionable dentistry – plus the kind of implausible plot twists that even the script writers probably never thought they’d ever get away with – but it’s also full of the kind of romanticism most writers can only sigh and dream of. Love that endures for centuries? A telepathic understanding of when your lover is in danger? The kind of love you’d kill for, live forever for, offer up a tasty vein for… the kind of love that comes with the territory-stamping words ‘she’s mine’… Twilight, The Hunger Games, Fifty Shades, Girls… frankly they all passed me by.
But how’s it all going to end? Will Sookie die? Will Bill die? Will Eric definitely not die? Will Jason get a last-episode gratuitous shag? I’ve literally spent nights lying awake wondering… (not about the Jason shag bit, but about Sookie and Eric and Bill). Will Sookie become a vampire to spend forever with Bill? I’ve thought of a dozen different endings, and not one of them feels like it will do.
So why am I awaiting tonight with dread? Well, even worse than the prospect of no more True Blood is the possibility of bad blood. I’m frightened of possible disappointment – of Sookie and co falling short. So many killer series end weakly (remember how cross everyone got after ‘Lost’?). I’m hoping True Blood stays true to character and departs our TV world not with a whimper but a bang (…thank-you, Jason…). Bangs have always been more True Bloods’ style.
And now the waiting is so nearly over… Only six hours to go!

Friday 23th May 2014
Spotted! ALICE BROWN’S LESSONS being sold in garden centres! I’m feeling nicely warm and fuzzy about this. Alice would definitely approve. She’d reckon her book was spiritually home. x
Friday 9th May 2014
Big thanks to Nicola Young for including an excerpt from COULD IT BE… for ‘Friday Fiction‘ in her blog this week…
Tuesday 6th May
I’m LOVING writing at the moment! Some weeks writing is a struggle and everything in the world is a convenient diversion. But right now I’m so in the zone! I’m at that amazing, glorious, euphoric stage where I look completely mad. I keep alarming passers-by by laughing out loud at the conversations going on in my head between my characters. Writing truly is the best job in the world!
Wednesday 30th April 2014
I’m doing an author talk at Larkfield library in Kent tomorrow morning. It’s been a while since I’ve done a talk… I’d better dust off my patter!
Wednesday 12th February 2014
Am I the only person who’s sent a Valentine’s Card to a bookshop? Stick my book in the window and I’ll love you forever!
Wednesday 12th February 2014
Am I the only person who’s sent a Valentine’s Card to a bookshop? Stick my book in the window and I’ll love you forever!
Wednesday 12th February 2014
Eeeeeeeeeeeek! Just realised it’s been (*tries to calculate precise number of days and fails due to over-large numbers and complete inability to do maths*), um, AGES since my last update! Sorry, about that. BUT Happy New Year to you all, and here’s a quick NY update of what’s going on at my end…
So, after a December of massive diversions (birthdays, emergency emotional crises [not mine], the small matter of that Christmas thing, the time-sapping vortex of PTA christmas fairs – grrrr) I was left with a monthly word count of precisely 11. So I started back ‘at work’ on January 6th with the New Years resolution of being much more selfishly focussed on writing. Books don’t write themselves (as I can imagine someone very annoying perhaps saying). My spin-off resolution was to have completed half of my new manuscript by the end of January.

Friday 17th January 2014
Eeeeeeeeeeeek! Just realised it’s been (*tries to calculate precise number of days and fails due to over-large numbers and complete inability to do maths*), um, AGES since my last update! Sorry, about that. BUT Happy New Year to you all, and here’s a quick NY update of what’s going on at my end…
So, after a December of massive diversions (birthdays, emergency emotional crises [not mine], the small matter of that Christmas thing, the time-sapping vortex of PTA christmas fairs – grrrr) I was left with a monthly word count of precisely 11. So I started back ‘at work’ on January 6th with the New Years resolution of being much more selfishly focussed on writing. Books don’t write themselves (as I can imagine someone very annoying perhaps saying). My spin-off resolution was to have completed half of my new manuscript by the end of January.
So far so good, you may be surprised to discover. My word count is now a blooming 32,000 and I now have creative inspiration (rather than Pinot) flowing through my veins. I’m definitely going to have finished the first half by the month end – I have the bit between my teeth! God, I’d forgotten how totally in love I am with writing.
My other new years resolutions of dressing nicely every day (and not just on my once-a-season Date Night with Husband), actually bothering to blow dry my hair rather than letting it dry itself matted to my head, wearing actual make up (not vaseline), and somehow magically transforming into Susannah Reid aren’t going so well. But hey, nobody’s perfect…

Wednesday 9th October 2013
Hooray – COULD IT BE I’M FALLING IN LOVE is now an audio book!
It came out last week and to my immense pride I am now an ‘artist’ on iTunes. In the words of Roxy, ‘THAT ROCKS!’. I haven’t heard the audio book yet, but there’s a preview snippet on iTunes (if you’re interested) and I’m so excited to hear the full thing. I’m really hoping the reader (Emma Gregory) has nailed it. I’ve got everything crossed.
Speaking of having things crossed… I’m nervously waiting for my agent to get back to me with her verdict on the second draft of my new book, HONEY AND LEMON (or rather, her verdict on the first 20,000 words – the last 80,000 still aren’t written!). The first draft apparently needed more humour (was there ever a harder instruction than ‘be funnier’???). So I sent her a newly improved with-added-wit draft last week. Let me tell you a secret about writers…. Waiting For A New Draft Verdict is even worse than that old torture of Waiting For That Bloke To Ring. It’s so similar, and with both the result can either catapult you giddily to the heavens or leave you greasy-haired on your sofa chain-eating Pot Noodle with the curtains drawn. Will my agent fancy my stuff, or won’t she? Arghhh – agony! I’ll let you know what she says… x

Friday 27th September 2013
As weeks go, this one has been pretty fantastic. My youngest is now (finally) in school full time so for the first time in YEARS I’m on my own during the day. The luxury of having six hours in which to write is mind-boggling (although I’m also doing my best to cultivate an addiction to Aqua Fit – it’s a work in progress; I’ll keep you posted). I’m happy! My writing muscles are back in action (fab), ALICE BROWN’S LESSONS has just been released in Germany (brilliant – see pic), and there’s also been the news that both my novels are currently just 98p on Kindle. I know this might sound weird (being pleased that the books I shed blood, sweat and tears over are priced less than a loaf of white sliced), but I’m chuffed to bits. So few writers make any money – the average author in the UK (including everyone from JK to writers of niche academia) earns £4,000 a year. The way I see it is this… Which is best – my books being £7.99 and read by a few, or my books being 98p and everyone gives them a try? Frankly I reckon it’s a no-brainer!

Tuesday 13th August 2013
Last week I was in Wales. I love Wales. I love the hills, I love the people, I love the weather. But I especially love the cake. Maybe it was because I was on holiday and going to holiday-type places, but the prevalence of amazing tea-and-cake-facilities has pinged Wales to the top of my favourite-places list. Home-made Battenburg with lusciously thick marzipan? Tick! Deep, moist chocolate orange cake that made my gums sigh with pleasure? Tick! Blueberry muffins with yummy purple icing? Lust-worthy custard tarts? Marmalade cake that made me re-asses my opinion of my least favourite toast-topping forever…? And don’t get me started on the Welsh cakes…

Tuesday 23rd July 2013
Oooo. I’ve just sent off the first 16,000 words of my new book to my agent. Feeling nervous. Actually, I’m feeling more than nervous – I’m feeling slightly sick. It’s always really frightening hitting the send button on something that nobody but you has read. Really hope she likes it. Am a bit stuffed if she doesn’t.
So the new book is called ‘Honey & Lemon’. That’s a working title. I don’t have a very good track record in choosing titles (my publisher always seems to hate the ones I go for), so whether ‘Honey & Lemon’ sticks is anyone’s guess. But please keep your fingers crossed for me that my agent gives the manuscript the thumbs up. And if she does, please keep them crossed whilst it goes to the publisher. In fact, cross everything, just in case! Thank you!
And so the wait begins. Bottoms up, everyone! x

Thursday 11th July 2013
Ah, so Wimbleon’s over, my Murray addiction is finally in remission and there are (finally) no more excuses not to write. But what’s that I see edging into view on my calendar…? School holidays? Seven weeks of them! I’M DOOMED! Or rather, the new book is. Arrggghhh!
In the meantime, please come and hear me talk at Hartley library… Wednesday July 17th at 7.30pm (DA3 8AL). It’s very close to Bluewater apparently, so pop in for a spot of relief after a hard bout of retail therapy. Plus there’s bound to be a pub nearby…!

Tuesday 11 June 2013
Yesterday was a terrible day of writing. Or rather a terrible day of NOT writing. Argggh – wish Twitter had never been invented – I don’t even like the place! Must do better today.
By the way (funnily enough, I digress!)… did anyone see last nights ‘final’ episode of The Fall? So brilliant I couldn’t sleep. Such clever characterisation. Surely Peter is a shoo-in for one of the scariest, creepiest, most skin-crawly men on TV… and yet ‘goodie’ Stella is so creepily alienating too. What brave, audacious writing. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.
Anyway… enough of this… Back to work. I’ve got a rom-com to write!

Friday 31st May 2013
Hmmmmm. Half term. Weekly word count so far = 0. But on a plus note, pounds of Haribo eaten = 9.

Thursday 23rd May 2013
Ermm… OK, so massive apologies for the total radio silence. As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m not exactly brilliant at social-networking or generally staying in touch! I’m not one of those people who tweets about what they had for breakfast or whether the sun is out. But bear with me… I’m going to dig deep and try to start sharing a bit more here…
So book 3… Well it’s going slower than I’d hoped – partly because I keep letting myself be distracted by ‘easy’ stuff, like decorating, descaling kitchen appliances (weirdly satisfying, I’ve discovered) or hauling my biscuit-laden body to the gym. But all-in-all I’m about 10,000 words in to book 3. I’m really enjoying writing again, but with 2 kids and an infinite number of items to descale, it’s hard to find the time. Plus for the last few weeks I’ve had a very sore neck – writers curse, I’m told… or rather the evil consequence of spending too many hours hunched over a lap top. Apparently I’ve made matters worse by typing from the comfort of my sofa. But the problem is, my table’s in my kitchen, and that’s where the Maryland Cookies live. And the Hobnobs. And the pink wafers. And the endless cups of tea. Which brings me back to the kettle, which I still haven’t descaled today…. arrrghhh!

Tuesday 26th February 2013
Ahhh, back to square one… The last couple of months have been brilliant. I’ve been organising this website, and the @foxyroxysquires twitter stuff – plus doing lots of promo for Could It Be, and it’s been great fun. But now – like coming home from a summer holiday – that depressing moment has inevitably arrived when I need to get back to the day job. So here I am, sat at my computer, about to start work on book 3. I’d almost forgotten what it feels like to be staring at a totally blank page. I’m just visualising all the millions of words and hours and cups of tea it will take to go from no pages to five hundred pages. I want a first draft ready for autumn. Oh well… here we go…deep breath. It’s time to get cracking!

Thursday 21st February 2013
Just been to see ‘I Give It A Year’ at the cinema, and it ROCKED! So funny, and clever and fresh. I loved, loved, loved it!

Friday 15th February 2013
Sorry for the web silence. It’s been a really busy time since COULD IT BE came out, with lots of lovely reviews and feedback. I won’t stick all the reviews here, but I would just like to share an interview I did on BBC Radio Kent yesterday. I had a fab time (there’s such lovely people) chinwagging about the book. If you want to listen to it, here it is (for one week only) on listen-again. I’m on at 1:08 (just after ‘Could It Be I’m Falling In Love’, funnily enough!).
Oh, and I’ll be talking at Hildenborough Library (Kent) next week, if anyone fancies coming along. 10am. Tickets available from the library.

Friday 1st February 2013
Ouch. Head hurts. A lot. Fantastic night though! Thank you so much to Sevenoaks Bookshop and everyone who turned up to support the launch of COULD IT BE… I love you all! But I think I might have to go and lie in a dark room now…

Thursday 31st January 2013
Yippee! It’s here – publication day, at last! Really hope you all like the book! Am about to head into London to gaze joyously at COULD IT BE… on the shelves of WHSmiths, Waterstones et al, whilst resisting the urge to run up to random strangers and kiss them. And then over to Sevenoaks Bookshop at 6.30pm for the COULD IT BE… launch party that they are very kindly holding. Am so excited I could burst. Literally.

Wednesday 30th January 2013
OK, so it’s getting really close now. No idea what I’ll dream about tonight, or if I’ll even get to sleep at all. Think I’ll self-anaesthetise with something large and alcoholic. Have just sent Husband to the fridge.

Tuesday 29th January 2013
Eeek, 2 days to go until publication! I’m really excited, but very nervous too. So weird that anyone will be able to read all the twists and turns that have been going on in my head for so long. I’ve been having all sorts of anxiety dreams in preparation… You know, the usual stuff – teeth falling out, doing the school run with no clothes on, sex with prominent world leaders, being flown over a space-age Birmingham in a purple chopper…

Thursday 24th January 2013
romantic comedy writersDid my first official reading from COULD IT BE… last night, and just look at what someone had baked for me! Amazing, huh? The very clever chef is Catherine from Cate Bakes Cake, and the coloured bits are all marzipan. Cake AND marzipan… I could barely read for drooling! Thanks Catherine!

Tuesday 22nd January 2013
Reasons To Be Cheerful (That Don’t Involve Alcohol) no. 3…
My new website’s live! Woo hoo! Please feel free to delight in its sumptious cyberpages! Thanks so much to Tim Hudson for being clever and making it happen.
PS – let me know what you think…
And sod it… I think this is a reason to be cheerful WITH alcohol!

Monday 21st January 2013
Reasons To Be Cheerful (That Don’t Involve Alcohol) No. 2…
Roxy Squires has started tweeting!
Roxy’s the main character in my new book. A former 90’s TV ladette, she’s lewd, rude and very very orange. Oh, and quite often drunk.

Friday 18th January 2013
Reasons To Be Cheerful (That Don’t Involve Alcohol) No. 1…
My books have arrived!
And god, they look bloody amazing! Yippee…

Monday 7th January 2013
Hmmm. The diet officially starts today. My annual new year dose of starvation and misery usually starts on January 2nd, but this year the battenburg had a stay of execution as there was the small matter of my best friends wedding on January 5th (a wedding without calories…? Impossible). But January 5th has been and gone, and I can put off my fate no longer. After a year of working (in the kitchen) on COULD IT BE, precisely none of my clothes do up. So I’m gritting my teeth and heading off to the supermarket. I’ve got a fridgeful of fat-free yoghurts to purchase…

Thursday 3rd January 2013
Just phoned Quercus to see if copies of COULD IT BE… are back from the printers yet. I can’t WAIT to get my hands on it! But arghhhh… middle of next week, they tell me. MUST. BE. PATIENT.

Wednesday 2nd January 2013
Happy new year! I hope your new years’ eves were corkers. Normally I could take or leave NYE – they aren’t the same once you’re partnered-up and have zero chance of sucking face with random strangers. But this NYE was surprising brilliant… booze and friends aplenty… and was it me, or did Adam Ant ROCK on Hootenanny…?

Wednesday 12th December 2012
OK, so it’s really gone to the printers now. Where are those Hob Nobs…?

Tuesday 11th December 2012
Phew! COULD IT BE is being sent to the printers today! That means absolutely no more time for any more twiddling, rewriting or endless revising. It’s time to relax and crack open the Hob Nobs. Ooo, hang on… What’s that ping from my inbox? An email from Quercus… What – more changes? Now? Aaaarrrghhh…