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Wednesday 19th May


Sorry I’ve been quiet for – oooh – ages, but I’ve been keeping my head down, working on Book Number 3. This writing-stuff is trickier than it looks and my career ladder has had a recent habit of developing splinters (and maybe a few rotten rungs). My agent, Maggie, retired just over a year ago and I suppose I got a bit of writers block. At the time I didn’t realise I was ‘blocked’ – I just thought I wasn’t in the right mood for writing, and that if I drank enough tea and scoffed enough biscuits I’d get through it. But looking back, I suppose that’s probably Blocks’ definition! Luckily PG, Hob Nobs and spending every Thursday evening with my fabulous Creative Writing group got me through it. I’m now fully caffeinated and firing on gas!

Anyway, the up-shot is that I’ve finally finished Book 3. It’s called ‘BE CAKE’, and I’m pretty happy with it. Next step … Find A New Agent. Now this bit really could take a while! Any spare luck or crossed extremities would be gratefully welcomed! x

Wednesday 11th February

I’m just sat here writing lesson 2 of my creative writing course… ‘Creating heroes and heroines’. Husband is convinced that every (even minisculely) handsome male character I’ve ever written is utterly based on him. Obviously for the sake of my marriage I couldn’t possibly comment….
(PS… I’m loving running the course so far, by the way. What a lovely bunch of writers… Lucky me!)

Wednesday 4th February

I’m very excited… Tomorrow I am starting my first ever creative writing course (giving, not receiving, that is!). I’m often asked for tips about how to write or get published (usually, embarrassingly, when I’ve forgotten to put on make up and still haven’t had the chance to brush my teeth) – so it suddenly struck me that I could structure my answers into a lovely, organised course. (If I’ve booked the room there are no excuses on the make-up/brushed teeth front!). So I’ve got my first crop of writers starting on Thursday evening. I’m genuinely so excited about it! Meeting like-minded people every week for an evening of tea, biscuits and writing sounds like I should be paying them, not the other way around! Anyway, I’ll let you all know how it goes. My first course is short – just 7 weeks. Tomorrow night – ‘creating a character’. Pens at the ready, everyone…!

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